Mar 28, 2013
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I — Thou shalt always aim to do everything spectacularly well. Otherwise it’s unbearable. What’s the worst thing that can happen? Thou shalt fail. Do that spectacularly as well.

II — Thou shalt never be scared to share one’s passions and dreams. Thou shalt not confuse this with sharing the contents of one’s breakfast on one’s blog.

III — Thou shalt always expect others to behave better than oneself. Thou shalt keep one’s perpetual disappointment to oneself.

IV — Thou shalt always recover from a broken heart. Thou shalt also always recover from a broken nail/broken heel. But thou shalt not cry over something that won’t cry over thou.

V — Thou shalt never worry about one’s age. Though thou shalt ask oneself that same question in twenty years’ time.

VI — Thou shalt, no matter what the occasion, always remain graceful and elegant and glamorous and chic and fabulous and on-trend. Thou shalt always remain knowledgeable of current adjectives used in fashion publications.

VII — Thou shalt never tire of learning. Knowledge is sexy. Science is best served in killer heels.

VIII — Thou shalt embrace the unexpected. Thou shalt always have one’s passport on oneself in preparation for spontaneous invitations to fabulous impromptu weekend breaks.

IX — Thou shalt always dream big – one only has one life, and one only has one permissible instance when thou shalt always aim for a size XXL.

X — Thou shalt occasionally deviate from the Ten Commandments.


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